Jogging the Skyline

I jogged the line, the New York skyline, fascinated by the glamorous gleam of photon configuration while huffing at a mediocre pace and reminding myself of my own organizational essentials. I live most of my life out in the open, but in the dark, gazing at depth and strange structures, I transcended between trot, frolic, and trudge. Wishing I could provide, I contemplated what humanity wants like an inchworm pushing a statue that wouldn’t budge. Yet, I’m accelerating – mind slippery and skating wishing away the sensitivity of pounding beats of my heart and the stomp of descent from a curb which is meant to protect. I’m dodging drifts of odor and the intoxication of status… all while feeling stagnant with humanity. A scapegoat; and I’m goaded once again back away from the squalor toward the punching of keys to deafen and scrape my screen of the marks of abnormality, trickery and triumph.


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