Behind Closed Doors

There is thankful recluse behind heavy doors. Their safety could have sung lullaby songs, but they were quite silent.    Should they slam, startling the sensitive ears of oppressors, offenders, or someone aloof?  Would someone ever see to it that people sleeping in an adjacent room, could dream of a place where others could disagree with one another and not be insulted or cast away from society?  What a strange thought, hiding because we don’t want to be banished socially.  Don’t we banish ourselves this way?  We ensure that we’re shunned, but from a ghastly form of disagreement.  So, in this space we whisper and explore, no we can shriek and giggle, no neither nor…we just talk.  People think that we talk justly, and others come to speak about what we think must be the truth.  It’s both ugly and sudden.  It’s full of stoic facts that never gave a damn about what our sensitivities might make of ourselves.  We create our reality by unfolding our perceptions while mixing and matching and then judging if this is like last time.  However, here it’s new, it’s safe and it’s never a waste.  It’s fortified with SURVIVE!  It’s branded without haste!  We could be in this privately pillowed prairie to be ourselves again.  Still, my door doesn’t slam shut, it doesn’t even have a lock.  My door doesn’t have a peep-hole, sometimes I like the surprise.  Be it a cloaked aggressor or a kind eyed-elder, each are welcome to tell, to admit, to whimper, to bawl, to scoff, to boast, to be ahead of what they left behind on the outside, yet we’re behind closed doors.  Well, perhaps my minds wonder mustn’t be so sensitive, like a multicolored sand sculpture in a windstorm…, and a guy I know named Frank Ness foolishly found out what happens when faces turn red and hot causing shoulders to quickly raise high and turn cold.  So, with regards to guarding we listen, but can’t always glisten or shine.  We can’t make the mouths water the way we want by washing away the pain with consolation and passing through a thought without bravery.  Better yet, fancy we shall the shan’t to further good nurture then be reduced, denied, and silenced to a murmur.  This space is endless and within it, we’re never friendless.  


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