Bio: In 2014, I graduated as a writing student from William Paterson University, and my minor was Psychology. Writing poetry has has often been a big part of my life in many different ways and it wasn't until college that I began writing more stories. Growing up, I was more accustomed to reading the work of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Plus, I enjoyed so much of the literature that I was assigned in English classes along the way. I like the many elements that are involved and it's fun to make the words into rhyme and use imagery or symbolism when an idea can be developed so the readers can fully envision the description. I've always been able to tell a pretty good story, but after studying at W.P.U., I developed a better vocabulary and an understanding of various writing processes. I just described the setting thoroughly, and was reminded to keep the focus by only including the concrete and relevant info to the various profiles that I was creating. Each of the profiles were about various subjects such as people of extraordinary circumstances, or places that are developing in a grand way, social movements, or even companies. Also, I began to include elements of perspective and voice that I now use to stylize my narratives. I grew up reading suspenseful mysteries, adventures, and horrors. All this occurred while I had a fascination for drawing cartoons. In my later years of emerging adulthood, I found Nicholas Sparks's "The Notebook" and I enjoyed every page of it. I think that I'm just fascinated with anything bizarre. Who isn't? It's a spectacle that initiates our curiosity. I hope to share some of that suspense and thrill with each of you as we journey the strange aspects of our world and see what adventures might be in store. It's fun, it's familiar and it can even be unsettling, but it helps the growing experience. So, join me here and we'll see what we can rustle up!

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